General Consulting


  Software Purchases

When you need software, but don't know which program to get, or don't have time to drive around looking for it, I can help. I have aided many of my clients in making efficient software purchases. Because of my wide range of clients, I often know which application is the best for a cetain type of job.



Some software can be tricky to install and configure, operating systems like Windows or UNIX in particular. Many of my clients have me upgrade their systems in order to protect against lost data.


- Computers
- Networking
- Website Management
- I.T. Systems Planning
- Broadband Services
- Software
- Wireless Networks

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Training and Support

In many situations, I can help you learn how to use your new software. I know that as companies upgrade their software, it doesn't always function the same way, or certain features are accessed through different methods. If you need help, I am available to walk you through most software over the phone or in person. If I'm not familiar with your software, I  can help you find someone that is.

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